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The complexity of sales tax

Sales Tax Dilemma

About Aqueduct

Sales tax sucks!!!!

Aqueduct is the sales tax solution for business owners who are frustrated with the complexities of state and local tax laws. We make it easy for you to file and remit your sales taxes, so you can focus on running your business. Our direct API connections to major marketplaces make uploading data a breeze. And our team of experts are always here to help you out. Let Aqueduct take the hassle out of sales tax filing - sign up today.
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Rates Engine

For a company like yours. Who has sales in over 12K+ different jurisdictions with thousands of products and endless tax breaks it’s near impossible to calculate the proper sales tax rates.

Direct API's with Leading Marketplaces

The Aqueduct Platform makes data upload seamless, with direct API’s to some of the leading marketplaces.

Records Transaction Change History

Now you can rest easy knowing that taxes for your transactions are taken care of Aqueduct will record every single one and we’ve got detailed records to prove it.

Filing / Management Dashboards

With our platform, you’ll never be left in the dark about your company’s sales tax information. We provide reduced and exempt item taxability reporting for easy review so that every transaction is compiled into one dashboard giving team members access to all transactions with state-by-state reports at any time.

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Trusted by Thousands of Retailers and Partners Across the Globe!

Since 2017, we have been supporting retailers across the globe with their US regulatory compliance sales tax needs! Our clients range from publicly traded companies to small mom and pop eCommerce stores. Regardless of size we can cover all your sales tax needs!

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"Sales tax is our expertise. We'll take care of your filings, so you can focus on growing your business."